About Us

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Jus Kool Collections was established in 1987, in the bedroom of it’s founder Abe Baracatt, while he was attending college in Miami. 

Starting out with 3 designs, Abe turned to Mrs Janette Henriques, the owner of Ting and Ting, a local Jamaican souvenir retail store located at Manor Park Plaza in Kingston, Jamaica. She was able to guide Abe in the direction of the local taste for the Jamaican souvenir market.

Located in the heart of Kingston Jamaica, Jus Kool grew within 2 years to become recognised as one of the top Jamaican Souvenir designing companies, (notably Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary Campaign) supplying hotels along the North Coast and stores island-wide.

When creating our designs, we keep in mind our customers, both locally and overseas, to give them that feel of Jamaican pride and “koolness”, stemming from our strong Jamaican culture.

As we say at Jus Kool, “from yard to abroad”.

We are always open to your questions and feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page or on Instagram and Facebook.